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Unable to export when file contains more than 1000 Incidents


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


There is a problem with exporting more than 1000 incidents because Oracle can not run the query
"incidentID IN (... 1000 incident ids ...)"



When you try to run an incidents report and export the results by selecting Incident Actions > Export Incidents, the export will fail if you have more than 1000 items to export.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Load an incident list with more than 1000 incidents
2. Click Show All
3. Click the checkbox that selects all on page (below Incident Actions)
4. Click Incident Actions -> Export Incidents

Result: The Resulting CSV file has garbage in it because Oracle cannot run the query with "incidentID IN (... 1000 incident ids ...)"  


This issue is resolved in 8.0. 

For 7.x, the workaround is as follows:

Click Select All button, then select Incident Actions > Export Incidents

Click Show All Button, and then Click Report -> Export Page

NOTE: This problem will also occur if you check/uncheck incidents manually, whenever the exported total is above 1000

This occurs because, for 10gR2 at least, 1000 is the maximum number of values you can have in an IN list.  The buffer used when specifying the "IN" clause is limited to 1000 items.