How to start or stop a Detection Server using the Enforce UI


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


You need a procedure to cleanly shutdown the Vontu servers.


To start or stop a Vontu DLP server:

1.  Go to Administration | System | Overview.

2.  Click on the desired server.

The Server Detail screen appears. If you have enabled Advanced Process Control, Vontu DLP displays general server status as well as the statuses of the individual processes. If Advanced Process Control is not enabled, Vontu DLP displays general server status only.

3.  Do one of the following:

  • To stop a server or a process, click the stop link in the appropriate field.
  • To restart all server processes, click the recycle link. (This option is only available for detection servers.)
  • To start a server or process, click the start link in the appropriate field.

4.  To track the status of the server(s) or process(es), click to refresh the screen.

5.  When the server reaches the expected state, click Done.