How to reconfigure xFlow to use IIS instead of Apache, or to use Apache instead of IIS.


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For CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.03 and later, the Common Patch Installer is used to install xFlow.  During the installation, xFlow is configured to use either IIS or Apache as the Web Server.

After the initial installation of xFlow, you may want to change the Web Server with which the feature has been configured.  How can xFlow be reconfigured such that it uses IIS instead of Apache, or such that it uses Apache instead of IIS?


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.03 on Windows


Follow these steps to re-configure the Web Server for xFlow:

1. Follow the step(s) described in section titled "Uninstall the xFlow Analyst Interface" of the topic corresponding to the  relevant operating system (Windows or non-Windows) and version and patch/rollup level in the documentation.  For 14.1.03, that documentation page can be reached via the following navigation:  
Home > Implementing > Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.03 > Uninstall CA Service Management 14.1.03 > Uninstall CA Service Desk Manager (Windows)

2. Run the Common Patch Installer to install xFlow feature only; select either Apache or IIS. 
(Note: Be sure to have the corresponding Web Server already installed on the server.)

3. Stop the CA Service Management Search Server and the CA xFlow Analyst Interface services.

4. Start the CA Service Management Search Server service and start the CA xFlow Analyst Interface service.

Basically, you would uninstall and re-install xFlow, and during the re-install, you would select the Web Server that you require.  See the following page of the common patch installer, which shows the two buttons in the red-highlighted box that are used to select the type of Web Server: