Extracting Metadata from File
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Extracting Metadata from File


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I would like to detect on the metadata on my file, but I do not know what metadata is available for detection.  How can I find out what metadata is available?


It is possible to extract the metadata from a file just like our content extraction does. 

Note for Windows: Substitute C: for the drive letter where the DLP software is installed.

Note for Linux: If running the filter executable as the protect user, you may first need to login as root and grant permissions for the protect user to execute the binary. To do this, type: chmod u+x /<path to filter> (see below)

  • For version 10.5 and previous:
    • Windows: C:\Vontu\Protect\lib\native\filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
    • Linux: /opt/Vontu/Protect/lib/native/filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
  • For version 11.0 and above:
    • Windows (32-bit): C:\Vontu\Protect\plugins\contentextraction\Verity\Win32\filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
    • Windows (64-bit): C:\Vontu\Protect\plugins\contentextraction\Verity\x64\filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
    • Linux (32-bit): /opt/Vontu/Protect/plugins/contentextraction/Verity/i686/filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
    • Linux (64-bit): /opt/Vontu/Protect/plugins/contentextraction/Verity/x86_64/filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txtC:\Program Files\Symantec\DataLossPrevention\KeyView\12.2\Protect\plugins\contentextraction\Verity\x64\filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
  • For Version 15.7 and above
    • Windows (64-bit): C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataLossPrevention\KeyView\12.2\Protect\plugins\contentextraction\Verity\x64\filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt
    • Linux (64-bit): /opt/Symantec/DataLossPrevention/KeyView/12.5/Protect/plugins/contentextraction/Verity/x86_64/filter -a -i <filename> metadata.txt

The metadata will be written to the file metadata.txt. This file can be viewed to see the content.