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What is Unaccounted For Time means in Detector Plan Activity Report?


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What is  Unaccounted for time means in this repot  in CA-Detector  Plan Activity Report? 


Component: PDT


Field:  UNACC_TIME                                                       


Description:  The time incurred by the program while it is executing SQL that is not accounted for by the IFCID accounting         fields. This field has no specific meaning but serves as an indication of the amount of SQL execution time not specifically         accounted for by the IFCID accounting fields.  This metric is only valid when Accounting Class 3 is active.                                 This field does not correspond to any specific IFCID field. It is equivalent to IFCID field QWACASC minus the following IFCID fields:   QWACAJST, QWACAWTI, QWACAWTL, QWACAWTR, QWACAWTW, QWACAWTE, QWACAWTP, QWACAWTG, QWACAWTJ, QWACSPTT, QWACAWLG, QWACUDTT, QWACTRTT, QWACTRTE, QWACAWTK, QWACAWTM, QWACAWTN, QWACAWTO, QWACAWTQ, QWAXALOG, QWAXAWDR, QWAXAWCL, QWAXAWAR, QWAXOCSE, QWAXSLSE, QWAXDSSE, QWAXOTSE, QWAXIXLT, QWACCLS2_ZIIP, and  QWACALBW.                                          

The data Detector uses to compute this field is not directly obtained from the IBM instrumentation facility, but the field definitions are similar. Detector reports this information at different levels of granularity than the IFCID records may indicate. For more information on IFCIDs, refer to the IBM DB2 Administration Guide.