Does Enforce support multiple Active Directory realms?


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Is it possible for Enforce to use multiple Active Directory (AD) realms for authenticating users?  For example, authenticating users from a test realm and a production realm, each with its own forest?


Relevant versions: 8.0 and up

Enforce supports multiple Active Directory realms.  The realms are configured in the krb5.ini file and enabled in the System Settings page.

Excerpt from the 8.0 online help:

If your environment has more than one Active Directory domain, type the domain names (separated by commas) in the Active Directory Domain List field to have Vontu DLP display them in a dropdown list on the user login page. Users will then be able to select the appropriate domain at login. Do not list the default domain, as it already appears in the dropdown list by default.

See the online help or the Administration Guide for your specific installation for complete details on configuring Active Directory.