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I do not see the Data Insight option in the DLP Enforce UI


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The documentation says I should find a "Data Insight" configuration option in the DLP Enforce manager System -> Settings menu. 

Why can't I see the option?  What is wrong?


The Data Insight application is a licensed option to the Data Loss Prevention application.  It requires a license for Data Insight in the Data Loss Prevention application.

To see if you have the license installed go to System -> Settings -> General and look at the table of Licenses.  If you don't see a "Data Insight" entry in the "Product" column, you do not have a license installed.

Once you have a license, you can install it on the General page by clicking on "Configure" and installing the license through the "Install License File" operation.

If you still can't see a "Data Insight" entry in the "Product" column after installing the new license file, please verify that the license file (.SLF) contains the entry:

<name>DLP Data Insight</name>

 If it does, the license file might be corrupted; please contact the Customer Care to re-generate a new license file for "DLP with the Data Insight component".

The configuration option will become available immediately after entering the license.  You do not need to restart the Enforce manager.