Where to find built-in keywords for a Data Identifier
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Where to find built-in keywords for a Data Identifier


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When the Breadth description of a Narrow Data Identifier (DI) mentions related keywords, where do I find those keywords?


There are 2 ways to lookup the keyword (and other) validators used in a DI.

1. Within the Policy configuration window open the Data Identifier rule and click on the  "(more info)" right above the description of the wide Breadth.  

This will take you to a page of detailed information for the DI. The page has a section for each Breadth in the DI. The last part of each section is titled "Mandatory Validator" and has a table for each validator.

Look for a Validator that has "Find keywords" in the name.  The last row in that validator will have "Input" as the first column and the related keywords as the second column.


2. The second method requires opening the Data Identifiers menu.

In the Console navigate to Manage -> Policies -> Data Identifiers and open the Data Identifier of interest. Expand the Breadth of the Data Identifier to display it's detailed properties. You may need to go through all available breadths to find the one which contains keyword validators, usually it is the Narrow one which will have the most validators. 

In the "Active Validators" locate "Find keywords" and click on the Edit button (pencil) next to it.


Once done the top box "Description and Data Entry" will display details of the validator, in this situation a list of comma separated keywords used by the DI.