Incident Snapshot showing NOT Authorized
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Incident Snapshot showing NOT Authorized


Article ID: 160066


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When you view an incident in the DLP Enforce console UI they are showing  "Not Authorized" after conducting a Discover scan against a server or network share.



The User Roles for this account are not set correctly.  To modify, follow the instructions below:


  1. Log into the DLP console using the Administrator account
  2. Click on System, then Roles, from the main menu
  3. Ensure the correct attributes are ticked under display attributes shared.
  4. Add the role you have created to the user account you will be using.
  5. Log out and back in under the modified user account.  Proceed to an incident to ensure you are now able to see the file locations and information.

*Note DLP 15.8 added a new 'attachment' privilege that is required to see attachment file names from the overview screen.