PacketCapture appears to be running, but no vpcap files are being created


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


PacketCapture appears to be running in the UI, but no vpcap files are being created in the /drop_pcap directory.
PacketCapture does not start with Endace Card because of space in driver path.


The Endace implementation requires the Endace driver paths to be defined in the Advanced Settings page.

PacketCapture does not appropriately handle spaces in the directory path.




By default, Endace drivers are installed in C:\Program Files\Endace

If you leave the space in "Program Files", the path may be split into two parts. In that case, you will see the following in the PacketCapture.log file:

dagrom: verbose: unprocessed argument: 'Files\Endace\dag-\xilinx/dag43gepcix-terf.bit'

Here the C:\Program portion of the file name is being split from the rest of the line.

The end of the log will read:

05/21/08 16:48:44 [4776] INFO  PacketDriver %% - generalInitialize() _dagDescriptor: 0 [.\PacketDriverDag.cpp:453]
05/21/08 16:48:48 [4308] INFO  PacketCaptureMain %% - stopThread() Got stop request. [.\PacketCaptureMain.cpp:116]

A successful start will have the following log lines:

05/22/08 21:49:39 [2580] INFO  PacketDriver %% - generalInitialize() _dagDescriptor: 0 [.\PacketDriverDag.cpp:453]
05/22/08 21:49:39 [2580] INFO  PacketDriver %% - generalInitialize() Attached to stream: 0 [.\PacketDriverDag.cpp:464]
05/22/08 21:49:39 [2580] INFO  PacketDriver %% - generalInitialize() Dag adapter dag0 succesfully started. [.\PacketDriverDag.cpp:489]
05/22/08 21:49:39 [2580] INFO  PacketCapture %% - start() Capture thread started. [.\PacketCapture.cpp:293]

There are two ways to resolve this issue.

1. Reinstall the Endace drivers into a directory without a space in the name.
2. Change the Endace values to C:\Progra~1\Endace thereby removing the space.

NOTE: You can use the DIR /X C:\ command to locate directories containing spaces and their truncated counterpart. For example, you will see something like:

04/03/2008 01:08 PM <DIR> PROGRA~1 Program Files

pop up for the Program Files directory. That means that you can use PROGRA~1 instead of "Program Files" as a directory name.