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How to enable Advanced Process Control on Enforce


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


What is Advance Process Control ?


Symantec Data Loss Prevention Advanced Process Control lets you start or stop individual server processes from the Enforce Server administration console. You do not have to start or stop an entire server. This feature can be useful for debugging. When Advanced Process Control is off (the default), each Server Detail screen shows only the status of the entire server. When you turn Advanced Process Control on, the General section of the Server Detail screen displays individual processes.

The individual processes and the servers on which they run are as follows:

  • Monitor Controller (Enforce Server) controls detection server.
  • File Reader (all detection servers) detects the incidents.
  • Incident Writer (all detection servers, unless they are part of a single-tier installation) uploads the incidents to the Enforce Server.
  • Packet Capture (Network Monitor) captures network streams.
  • Request Processor (Network Prevent (Email)) processes the SMTP requests.
  • Endpoint Server (Endpoint Server) interacts with Symantec DLP Agents.

To enable Advanced Process Control:

   1. Go to System > Settings > General and click Configure.

      The Edit System Settings screen is displayed.

  2. Scroll down to the Process Control section and check the Advanced Process Control box.

   3. Click Save.


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