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How to Enable/Disable the EM Transaction Trace (TT) Plugin.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  This knowledge documentation was created at the request of APM Engineering to clarify a documentation gap. The property is described in 

  In the KD describes a new EM Transaction Trace plugin. But it does not tell how to enable or disable the plugin. How can I do this?


APM 10.1 and later.


The above link has the property. 

The documentation says the following 

Two possible sources of input data for the Team Center Map exist:

  • Transaction Trace data(Default)
  • Application Triage Map data

Transaction Trace data is the default source of data for the Team Center Map. You cannot use both data sources simultaneously.

By default, transaction trace data is used as the source data for Team Center Map. When set to true, legacy appmap data sent by the agents will be used

# When set to false(default), appmap data derived from transaction traces will be used = false

So, disabling the above property enables the EM TT plugin.

And conversely, enabling this property disables the EM TT Plugin.

Additional Information

The  property will be removed in APM 10.7 since legacy mode goes away.