Can Regex be used to find a pattern for a file?


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Can a regular expression be used to only find a file name?


Symantec DLP supports regular expressions for content matching, not file name pattern matching.

Symantec DLP supports DOS pattern matching expressions for file names.

* - Any number of characters
? - Any one character, or none
. - Literal match

For example, the pattern 'c:\TR*.zip' will match every file whose path starts with 'c:\TR', followed by any combination of characters, and ending with '.zip'."

The pattern '*' matches any combination of characters. This includes matching against text which contains no characters, so 'a*t' matches both 'act' and 'at'."

NOTE:  TR*.zip will match nothing because it doesn't start with a share or local drive specification.

To match any zip file in the share being scanned beginning with TR and having a file name length of 2 to 5 characters, the syntax would be:


(One ? for each character it is meant to represent)