Is Symantec DLP installation supported on Blade Server?


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Can Symantec DLP be installed on Blade Servers and are they fully supported ?


There are a couple of caveats with Blade Server deployment.


Based on Symantec DLP's minimum requirements dedicated NICS are needed and most Blade Servers do not have that. So, in order to be fully supported customers need to have Blade Servers where the individual Blades have dedicated NICs according to the specs. Otherwise, they would share NICs, which would cause a bandwidth bottle neck and result in an underspec’d environment. So, NICs have to be dedicated. 

Sun blades using NEMs (Network Express Module) recently failed horribly with the symptom of having the interface failing to appear in the UI for the Monitor.  It wasn't until actual PCI EM NIC cards were installed in the blade chassis that the actual interface appeared.

As long they are dedicated and 1 GB NICs you should have no issues with using Blades. That goes as well for the Endpoint Server.
So the real answer is:  as long as the individual Blades adhere to the specs of the recommended environments Symantec does not expect any issues.