Endpoint Agent must be on current version or one version older


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Can I run a DLP Endpoint Agent with an Endpoint Server on a earlier version?


We recommend that the Endpoint Agent is at the same version as the Endpoint Server.  It is not always possible to upgrade agents at the same time as the server, so we do support the Endpoint Agents one version back.  We do not support the Agent at a higher version than the Endpoint server.


This means, you can run a 12.0.x Server with an 11.6.x Agent.

This means, you can run a 11.6.x Server with an 11.5.x Agent.


This means, you can run a 11.5.x Server with an 11.1.x Agent.

This means, you can run a v11.1.x Server with a v10.5 Agent.

You can not run a v10 Server with a v11 Agent.


We recommend that you are at the highest agent for the major version.  So, for example, the 11.6.3 Agent is compatible with 11.6.0 Server.

It is recommended that the Server and Agents are on the latest version. 


Note: Any new features may not be available unless both the Agent and Server are on the same version. A new feature in 11.0 may not be available if the agent is on 10.5, such as changing the Endpoint Server for that Agent.