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How to change the default date format in Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


By default, Datamaker is using a YMD (year/month/day) format for dates.
However, in some cases, a customer may want to change the date for a project.
This document covers how to change the date for a specific project.

How do I change the default date format that Datamaker is currently using?
Is there a way I can change the default date for a project?


CA Test Data Manager


When you create a project in Datamaker, you have the option to change the default date format for the project.
However, you are not able to change the date format once the project is created.

When you create the project, you will need to click on the blue right arrows, below "Project Description", to extend the created project window.



Once you have expanded the screen, you will see an entry for Date Format.  
You will then be able to change the format to YMD or YDM, or any variation of YMD.
Once you click on the save icon,  the date format will be set to the new format you changed it to, for the life of the project. 

Additional Information

If you are not sure that you want to change the format for the date, we suggest using our default since you will not be able to revert the change after your project is created.


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