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How to generate logging information for an Endpoint agent install


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If your Endpoint agent installation fails without providing any useful information, then viewing log information will be useful in troubleshooting the installation failure.


If an Endpoint agent installation fails without providing any useful information about any error(s) encountered, you can re-run the installation via the command line so that installation details can be recorded for further analysis.

  1. Open a command shell window.
  2.  Change the current working directory to where the Endpoint agent installer file, AgentInstall.msi, is located.
    C:\> cd installer_directory
  3.  Launch the Endpoint agent installer with logging enabled.
    C:\installer_directory\> msiexec /I AgentInstall.msi /L*vx edpa_install_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
  4. Complete the Endpoint agent installation using the InstallShield Wizard.

The resulting installation log file, e.g., edpa_install_<name_of_system>.txt, will contain installation details that a developer can use for determining why the installation failed.