Cannot Reserve Enough Space for Object Heap
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Cannot Reserve Enough Space for Object Heap


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


Occasionally, there is an issue with the system running out of memory. An error message occurs similar to: "cannot reserve enough space for Object Heap"

You may also see:

"File reader failed to start. Error starting file reader. Failed to launch the content extractor process. No incidents will be detected"


An error message similar to the following example occurs:

INFO | jvm 1 | 2006/10/02 12:43:49 | FR> Error occurred during initialization of VM
INFO | jvm 1 | 2006/10/02 12:43:49 | FR> Could not reserve enough space for object heap

To resolve the issue, reduce the File Reader memory.   This can be done from the Advanced Server Detail page as shown:

BoxMonitor.FileReaderMemory -Xms1400M -Xmx1400M
BoxMonitor.FileReaderMemory -Xms1200M -Xmx1200M

If the above change does not resolve the error, check to be sure the system has enough physical RAM. See the documentation for your particular installation for recommended RAM requirements.