Endpoint FlexResponse plugin will not load/run


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The Endpoint FlexResponse plugin will not run.

Errors in FileReader log:

SEVERE   74307  PluginHost failed to load plugin: rsplugin_flexresponse.zip

Errors from main EDPA log:

07/25/2011 15:04:28 |  2164 | INFO    | FlexResponsePluginProxy | IPC EXECUTE PLUGIN message was sent.
07/25/2011 15:04:28 |   816 | WARNING | FlexResponseHost | Failed to import Python plugin module
07/25/2011 15:04:28 |   816 | WARNING | FlexResponseHost | Failed to load plugin

Errors while installing:

Failed to retrieve database key. Error code: 1


This means that the plugin was not installed properly on the endpoint. 

There is an error in the V 11.0 Admin guide that says to run utility flrinst.exe in the Tools sub directory of the Agent install directory.

For Example:  \program files\manufacturer\endpoint agent\Tools

However, the Endpoint FlexResponse flrinst.exe utility must be run from the folder where the Symantec DLP Agent is deployed. By default, that directory is located at:

C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent\

To install a plugin go to the directory where the Agent is installed.  In this example, the Agent is installed in C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent, then the command to run is:

C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent>flrinst.exe -op=install -package=myplugin.zip.

Page 1165 of the v 11.1 Admin Guide has the correct instructions.