How to check if the event_demon or as_server processes have picked up environmental variables on Linux RedHat ?


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How can I check if variables SCHED_SCALE and DB_CONNECTIONS have been picked up by the scheduler and application server on Linux RedHat ?


This document applies to any product running on Linux RedHat


1) First of all you have to determine the PID of the running process which is either "event_demon" for the scheduler and "as_server" for the application server

For example

     ps -ef |grep event_demon 

      autosys  6426     1  3 Sep20 ?        00:50:20 event_demon -A ORA

2) Secondly you have to look into directory /proc/<PID> which belongs to the PID of your process name

     cd /proc/6426

3) Finally run the "strings" command against file "environ" to get the variable you are looking for

     strings environ |grep SCHED_SCALE

     Result is for example: SCHED_SCALE=10



Additional Information

You can repeat same steps for any other process and any other variable like DB_CONNECTIONS 

strings environ |grep DB_CONNECTIONS