Disabling Index Distribution


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


If the distribution of index distribution of incremental scans is causing issues, it can be disabled.


Choosing the option of doing a full scan may not entirely disable the distribution of the index.


You can optionally disable index distribution to the other Discover Servers.

  1. On the Enforce Server, edit the file Protect\config\IncrementalScanEnforce.properties, and change the following parameter:
    disable_incremental_index_distribution = true 
  2. Restart the VontuMonitorController Service. Alternatively, wait for some time before you initialize an incremental scan again.
    Symantec recommends waiting as long as the duration that is specified in the database_maximum_idle_time property in the IncrementalScanMonitor.properties file. As of Symanted Data Loss Prevention 15.0, the database_maximum_idle_time  has a default value of 180 seconds.