Enforce is unable to send SMTP notification emails
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Enforce is unable to send SMTP notification emails


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The SMTP Server does not receive email from the Enforce Server upon an email being sent out


Relevant versions: ALL


  1. An email can manually be sent via the SMTP Server from the Enforce Server using telnet
  2. The SMTP Server (Exchange) is setup properly. The Exchange Server has the relay options set properly so that incoming mail actually gets processed. 
  3. The SMTP Server does not receive any email from the Enforce Server once Enforce has sent out the email
  4. The Enforce Server attempts to send an email to the SMTP Server but an email does not get sent

When McAfee AV 8 or newer is installed, you must add the Symantec DLP application to the permitted list of processes for sending out mail. The executable file to add is "java.exe".

Otherwise, McAfee will not allow SMTP communication between Enforce (running within Java) and the SMTP Server.

Note: It's possible other issues could result in the inability to send out emails from the Enforce Server. If this solution does not resolve your issue, please contact Technical Support.