Reports are missing after user's role was changed


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The customer had a user assigned to a particular role, and when that person’s job title/function changed, the account was moved to a different role. This caused all of that user’s reports to disappear from the Enforce UI.

1. Create a user (or use an existing user) and assign it to a non-sysadmin role with default privileges. (example user: "donut1", role "Donut role")
2. Login as that user and create two reports.
3. Logout, then login as Administrator and change the user to another role with equivalent privileges (second example role: "test")
4. Observe that both reports are missing from the user's list of shared reports (this may be as expected).
5. [optional] Login as a different user in the same role the first user was in originally ("Donut role" in the example), and observe that the shared report is available.
6. Login as Administrator and observe that neither report appears in the Administrator's list of shared reports. Also, change the user's role back to the original ("Donut role").
7. Login as the first user, and observe that the shared report is back, but the unshared report is still missing.


The observed behaviour is by design and is due to the way support the scenario of a user with multiple roles.

1. Whenever a user saves a report, it is associated with him and with his role.
2. If the report is shared it is associated with his role only and all the users in that role can use the report.
3. In case #1 if user has multiple roles and if user logs off (after saving report) and logs in using another role, he no longer has access to the report.
4. If user is dis-associated with a role, per current design all the private reports created in that role are *deleted*. So unfortunately no recovery is poss