Custom Attribute lookup plugin not working after upgrade to 8.0


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After upgrading to V8 custom attribute plugins no longer function


TOMCAT logs show the following error

 22 Apr 2008 09:53:39,216- Thread: 13 WARNING [com.vontu.manager.admin.workflow.attributes.CustomAttributeLookup] com.
xxxxLookup not found in Loaded plugins, the plugin chain may be misconfigured or the plugin may have been unloaded.

This could happen if:

  1. has duplicate entries of com.vontu.plugins.execution.chain.
  2. If only one file is modified.  This file is located in two places: Vontu\Protect\config\ and  Vontu\Protect\plugins\
  3. execution chain is not properly configured


1. If there are duplicate entries, comment out the duplicates.

2. Check both locations for the files and update them with the correct information and restart the Manager.


# Plugin Execution Chain.
# A comma-separated list of attribute lookup plug-ins to be executed in sequence.
# Example: com.vontu.lookup.script.ScriptLookup, com.vontu.lookup.xls.ExcelLookup, com.vontu.lookup.script.ScriptLookup
# This example will execute Script Lookup #1 -> ExcelLookup -> Script Lookup #2
# Even if there is only one plugin in the chain, it must be listed here.

3.  Check execution chain and make sure it is properly configured.