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How to re-import license file when the license status displays "Unspecified" on count or "Future" for status.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


After importing the license file (<filename>.slf) to DLP, the license show up incorrectly.

The License Status displays "Unspecified" on Count or "Future":


The license file is incorrect.

Contact Symantec Customer Care to request a new correct license file.

With the new correct license file from Symantec Customer Care reinstall the license file.

1. Login to the DLP console as Administrator.
2. Navigate to "System" - "Settings" -  "General"
3. at the General screen
4. Click "Configure"

-license column,
5. Install License File (.slf) - Click "Browse..."
   Please select *.slf file to install.
6. Back to top part of the page click "Save"

This should install license file.

Check the license status from "System" - "Settings" -  "General"

If above action did not import the license file correctly, then use following method:

A). Locate the Vontu installed directory.
 ex: c:\Vontu\protect\license
   Under License Directory,
B). Delete license (*.slf) file

C). From Windows service
   Restart "Vontu Manager"

This should clear the previous license information.

Now reinstall license file using above step 1 to 6.

* If you take this method, please make sure the old license file is deleted, not the new one. 

* You can delete all license files from directory but if you delete all, you need to install all the license key files again.