64 bit support for Oracle client in DLP v11


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Notes regarding installation of DLP v11 on a 10gR2 version of Oracle Enterprise.


DLP v 11 provides support for 64 bit Servers – RHEL 5 U2 & Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 2003 Enterprise is supported for 32 bit OS; RHEL is also supported for 32 bit OS).

The 64 bit systems, however, are not supported by the Symantec version of the Oracle 10g Client for DLP.


As per the GA release of the DLP v11 System Requirements and Compatibility guide, p26:



Oracle 10g is not supported on 64-bit operating systems.



Also, per TECH218799 Oracle 10g is supported only on upgraded system,


The supported solution is either of the following:

1) For Oracle 10g databases - install Oracle client 10g + Enforce v11 to a supported 32 Bit server OS*

2) For Oracle 11g databases - install Oracle client 11g + Enforce v11 to a supported 32 or 64 bit server OS

For more details, please see chapter 1 of the DLP 11.0 System Requirements and Compatibility Guide.

*For the 10g database, Symantec customers can only purchase and receive the Oracle client in 32 Bit. If Oracle is installed from a customer's own purchase, or from a separately hosted environment, it is possible to install an Oracle 10g Client on a 64 bit server, but that setup would be in an alternate configuration. For more about alternate configurations, please see related article TECH220433.