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Uninstall password for Endpoint Agent DLP 11.1


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A new feature for DLP 11.1 is the option to configure an Endpoint Agent uninstall password.


The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe creates an uninstall password key which is used within Install_Agent.bat.

The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe is included with the 11.1 Agent Tools. This tool is used to generate the value you use for UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY within the Install_Agent.bat file.

The tool must be in the same directory as PGPsdk.dll. 

The following is an example of how to create a key hash to use for the UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY value.

UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe -xp=the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa

example output of tool: 8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E

example format to use in Install_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY="8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E"

example format to use with Uninstall_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORD="the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa"

NOTE: If customer used a clear text install password key (or forgot the password), they will NOT be able to uninstall the agent.  The workaround for this is to upgrade the agent to the next version using the correct steps for generating the UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY.