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Discover server shows a message in the Enforce console "Failed to Load Document Profile"


Article ID: 159886


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


A document profile gives an error "Failed to load document profile" that occurs on all Discover Servers

The DLP log detection_operational_0.log shows the Document Profile did not load successfully on many occasions with the following Severe error:

19/VIII/12:22:51:46:156+0300 [SEVERE] (DETECTION.302) Failed to load profile [4 370:<document_profile_name> 25]

Also the document profile was unloaded as a result:

20/VIII/12:12:52:39:993+0300 [INFO] (DETECTION.301) Profile [4 864:*TMP - <document_profile_name> version 117] unloaded successfully


In this scenario the reason the message was occurring was because the location specified in the Document Profile no longer existed.

Once the Document Profile was deleted the message stopped occurring and the issue was resolved.