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How to determine which Oracle schema owns Symantec DLP


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


In earlier versions of Vontu hardcoded references required the Oracle schema owner to be named "protect".  As of version 9.x, this issue was resolved and the schema could be owned by any non-Oracle account, although the default is still "protect".


The following script can be used to determine Vontu schema ownership.

- this script must be run from SQLPlus as sys as sysdba.

The script shows the name of the owner of a short set of tables and indexes.  All objects should have the same owner.

select owner, table_name TableIndex
from dba_tables
where table_name in ('MESSAGE','MESSAGELOB','INCIDENT')
select owner, index_name TableIndex
from dba_indexes
where index_name in ('MESSAGE_FK1','MESSAGELOB_PK','INCIDENT_N4')

The output should look like this:

OWNER                          TABLEINDEX
------------------------------ ------------------------------
PROTECT                        INCIDENT
PROTECT                        INCIDENT_N4
PROTECT                        MESSAGE
PROTECT                        MESSAGELOB
PROTECT                        MESSAGELOB_PK
PROTECT                        MESSAGE_FK1

6 rows selected.

In this case "PROTECT" is the schema owner.