How can I specify more than one Endpoint Server for the Endpoint Agent to connect?


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I need my agents to have a primary and a backup Endpoint Server.  How can I specify the two servers?


Two servers may be listed in the ENDPOINTSERVER value when calling the AgentInstall.msi  These must be separated by a ;. 

Per the Admin Guide:

ENDPOINTSERVER Specifies the host name or IP address of one or more Endpoint Servers, separated by semicolons. An optional port number can follow each host name or IP address. If no port number is specified, the default port number is used. The default number is 8000.

For example:

Within the Install_Agent.bat file: ENDPOINTSERVER=";"

You can also use the AgentInstall.msi manually, and for the Endpoint server fields, you can specify more than one endpoint server in the server field by using semicolons to separate the endpoint server host names

NOTE: If you do not use the correct separator, you will receive an error in the edpa_ext0.log file that will be something like the below if you use a comma vs a semicolon " ; "

DisconnectedTask | No IP addresses for:,