Why are three Oracle jobs disabled following the Oracle Database installation?


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In the Symantec DLP Oracle Database installation guide for version 11.1, there is a step where three Oracle automated tasks are deliberately disabled. 


What is being disabled and why?


Three automated Oracle tasks are disabled as a part of the Symantec DLP installation:

optimizer stats collection,

auto space advisor,

sql tuning advisor


All three of these tasks are installed by default by Oracle.  They provide some automated assistance for Oracle with regard to database performance.  They are disabled as they may interfere with how DLP maintains high database performance.  The tasks can be regarded as Oracle "cron" processes.  They are scheduled to by Oracle to activate at a particular time or under particular conditions to address performance related issues.


Optimizer Stats Collection - Oracle uses a  Cost Based Optimization algorithm to tune queries at execution time (SEE: KB: TECH220167).  It is reliant on a variety of collected database object statistics.  How "fresh" or "stale" these stats are directly affect CBO performance.  Symantec DLP schedules the collection of statistics at an adjusted higher rate than Oracle's default task based on number of incidents within the database.


Auto Space Advisor - This monitors database objects and collections information regarding object fragmentation.  This information is stored and used by Enterprise Manager and the performance tuning package, which only provides advice.  It is not used or supported by Symantec DLP Technical Support.



SQL Tuning Advisor - Like the Auto Space Advisor, this is used only to gather information for use by Enterprise Manager and the performance tuning package to provide advice with regard to SQL statements.  Symantec DLP is reliant on the expected uniform execution of SQL queries.  This is not used or supported by Symantec DLP Technical Support.