%CAOP_E_513, Command execution denied: not authorized by security


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During the execution of some message actions in Event Management I am getting error message: 

%CAOP_E_513, Command execution denied: not authorized by security 

How can I fix this?


CCS 11.2 SP2 CUM1 installed on new Windows 2012 servers.


By looking into the CCS settings with the 'caugui settings' command, under "Client Preferences - Event Management" tabs, found that the user was not in the 'Users allowed to issue commands' field.

Add the missing userid to this field. 

If there is no need for such security verification you can also put * or *@* in this field to allow everyone to execute any command through a Message Action in Event Management.

Then you have to restart the CA-Unicenter service in Windows.

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