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How to disable the CEM - Introscope integration?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


You have implemented CEM and introscope and they are monitoring the same application across multiple servers, however, you have a requirement to excluded or disable CEM monitoring for some specific application server instances, you need to:

a) disable reporting of metrics under "Business Segments"

b) disable transaction generation for business transactions

In the Agent logs, you can see messages indicating that the Agent is monitoring business transaction activity, for example:

8/29/17 10:37:35 AM EDT [VERBOSE] [IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef] Registered Business Transaction Component...

8/29/17 10:37:35 AM EDT [VERBOSE] [IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef] Business Transaction Definition consists of Business Transaction Component = Business Segment|BusinessProcess|Medrec|BusinessTransaction|Edit Profile|BusinessTransactionComponent|Edit Profile

8/29/17 10:37:35 AM EDT [VERBOSE] [IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef] Found the following parameter rules...

8/29/17 10:37:35 AM EDT [VERBOSE] [IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef] Pattern Name = Path, Pattern Value = /medrec/patient/viewPatient.action, Type value = PATH, NameType Operation value = LITERAL_NAME_OPERATION, Action Operation value = SIMPLE_MATCH_VALUE_OPERATION, Case Sensitivity for Pattern Name = false, Case Sensitivity for Pattern Value = true

8/29/17 10:37:35 AM EDT [VERBOSE] [IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef] Adding Business Rule Set and Business Transaction to matching set #Business Segment|Medrec|Edit Profile|Edit Profile isIdentifying  is## true isResponseBased is## false

How to disable the CEM - Introscope integration?




Valid for any 10.5.x release.


1.Stop the application server or JVM

2.Backup the AGENT_HOME/core/config folder

3.Open the IntroscopeAgent.profile, set 



4.Open the <appserver>-typical.pbl or <appserver>-full.pbl disable the browseragent.pbd as below:


5.Set ‘generatebusinesstransactionmetrics’ parameter to false in apm-common.pbd and required.pbd

a)Open the required.pbd, change

SetTracerParameter: HttpServletTracer generatebusinesstransactionmetrics true


SetTracerParameter: HttpServletTracer generatebusinesstransactionmetrics false

b)Open the apm-common.pbd, change

SetTracerParameter: JSPBlamePointTracer generatebusinesstransactionmetrics true


SetTracerParameter: JSPBlamePointTracer generatebusinesstransactionmetrics false

6.Remove "BusinessTransactionComponent" OWNERTYPE parameter from the APPMAP related tracers.

a)Open appmap.pbd, appmap-soa.pbd, appmap-http.pbd and  appmap-ejb.pbd

b)Comment the lines ending with : "ownerType BusinessTransactionComponent"

For example:

#SetTracerParameter: AppMapEJB2TracerBT ownerType BusinessTransactionComponent

for 10.x you need to update 23 lines

c) replace "ownerType Application,BusinessTransactionComponent" with "ownerType Application"

for 10.x you need to update 27 lines

7. Start the JVM

8. Verify results:

- In investigator, "Business Segment" will not longer be reporting metrics

- In Agent log, you will no longer see any entry related to the "IntroscopeAgent.BizTrxDef" process