ORA-01555 error: unable to extend TEMP tablespace
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ORA-01555 error: unable to extend TEMP tablespace


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Multiple ORA-01555 errors occur stating that the TEMP tablespace is unable to extend the temp segment by a particular size.

If the database template (DBT) was used in the creation of the database, this should be a rare occurrence.  The DBT establishes the temp tablespace with autoextend on and the ability to grow to a max of "unlimited", which is to say 32G for a single file.



  • To determine if the autoextend option has been set for a temp tablespace, log into SQLPlus as SYS as SYSDBA, and run the following script:

column file_name format a30
select file_name, tablespace_name,
from dba_temp_files

  • To turn autoextend on, modify the following script to include your temp datafile and path, and run from SQLPlus as SYS as SYSDBA:

alter database tempfile '<temp data path>\<name of tempfile>.DBF' autoextend on;

Here is an example:

alter database tempfile 'C:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\PROTECT\TEMP01.DBF' autoextend on;