Can temporary variables be shared and accessed by all Lookup API sub components?


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Temporary variables won't be passed from ldap lookup plugin to custom script plugin

Is it possible to create local temp variables accessible by all lookup components (csv, ldap, script lookup) ?


Due to the architecture of the Lookup API, the referenced temp variables within Live LDAP Lookup, Script Lookup and CSV Lookup are not exported. Since each is called within their own context, variables can not be migrated. This is by design and can not be addressed with the current architecture.

One possible workaround would be to resolve all calls within the script lookup. Within there you could write your script and LDAP lookup calls. Since this would happen within the same user context, variables would persist.

Another approach, which is favored here, is to use other custom attributes and use these as temp variables. Those temp custom attributes declared as temp variables will not be accessible by the end user via RBAC.