Data Insight lookup returns no data within an incident snapshot


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover Data Insight for DLP


Data Owner is blank after performing a manual lookup within an incident snapshot.



DLP v11.1

  1. Navigate into the /Protect/config/ directory, and open Plugins.proterties in a text editor.
  2. Find the key: "com.vontu.api.incident.attributes.AttributeLookup.parameters=", and ensure it is set to a value of, "Sender, Incident, Message".
  3. Restart all Vontu services.

DLP 12.0+

  1. In Enforce, navigate to: System > Incident Data > Lookup Plugins
  2. Enable the following Lookup Parameters:
    • Incident
    • Message
    • Sender
  3. Save the changes.

After enabling the additional Lookup Parameters, perform a lookup on a Network Discover Incident to confirm the issue has been resolved.