What are the recommended database parameters for the DLP Oracle database.


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Oracle uses as set of initialization parameters to provide control of nearly all aspects of the database functionality.


The following parameters are listed are for information purposes only.  They are the recommended database settings provided as part of the Symantec DLP installation.  Modifications are not supported by Symantec DLP Technical Support and are the responsibility of the modifying database administrator.

For DLP 14.6 and Earlier on Oracle 11g

DatabaseTemplate name="Oracle 11g Database for Vontu" description="Oracle 11g Database for Vontu" version=""

fast_start_mttr_target        value="0"
memory_target                 value="3072" unit="MB"
memory_max_size               value="3072" unit="MB"
session_max_open_files        value="20"

processes                     value="1000"
aq_tm_processes               value="1"
star_transformation_enabled   value="FALSE"
control_files                 value="("{ORACLE_BASE.EN_US}/oradata/{DB_UNIQUE_NAME.EN_US}/CONTROL01.CTL",
timed_statistics              value="TRUE"
compatible                    value=""
query_rewrite_enabled         value="FALSE"
disk_asynch_io                value="FALSE"
sessions                      value="1500"
job_queue_processes           value="10"
db_name                       value=""
nls_length_semantics          value="CHAR"
undo_retention                value="10800"
open_cursors                  value="1000"
db_block_size                 value="8192"
undo_tablespace               value="UNDOTBS1"
remote_login_passwordfile     value="EXCLUSIVE"
undo_management               value="AUTO"
db_file_multiblock_read_count value="16"
optimizer_index_caching       value="90"
optimizer_index_cost_adj      value="25"

For 15.0 and later on Oracle 11g or 12c (depending on support)

The recommended values have changed from version to version. To get the current recommendations please run the URT (Update Readiness Tool) on the version of DLP you are on or are planning to go to. 

See About the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Update Readiness tool, and URT test results