Webmail Encoding
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Webmail Encoding


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


Character encoding (charset) information contained in HTTP(S) headers helps Symantec Data Loss Prevention interpret messages for detection. If this encoding information is missing, the Symantec Data Loss Prevention solution uses default encoding to interpret these messages. These default encodings may result in some violations not being detected or the visual representation of the characters in the incident snapshot may be incorrect for different locales or languages.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention contains a default encoding parameter, L7.DefaultURLEncodedCharset, that is set to utf-8. You can find this parameter on the Advanced Settings page.

If Symantec Data Loss Prevention does not correctly detecting violations over different locales and languages, you can add domains and encoding to the DomainCharset.config file. The domain-specific encoding as specified in this file is used by Symantec Data Loss Prevention for proper processing of HTTP(S)messages to the domains listed in the configuration file.




To edit or configure webmail encoding on the DomainCharset.config file, you must manually edit the configuration file on each Detection Server that you want the encoding to effect.

To configure web encodings on the DomainCharset.config file:

1. Go  to <installed_drive>/Vontu/Protect/config/DomainCharset.config where <installed_drive> is the drive where you installed
    Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

2. Open the configuration file and update it with the domain names and encodings you want.
     You must enter the domain names and encoding in the following format:

             <DOMAIN NAME>:<Encoding>

    For example:  sample.co.jp:EUC-jp

3. Save the configuration file.

4. Restart the server.
     Note:  You must restart the server after making these configuration changes. If you do not restart the server, the changes are not applied.