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EDM error in DLP Enforce: Could not reserve enough space for object heap


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Error on Enforce server: Could not reserve enough space for object heap


In DLP 12.5 and older releases, this error can occur on the Enforce Server due to memory limits.  For example, DLP Enforce must be able to access 1.3GB memory.  Microsoft has some memory limitations as well.  For example, the pagefile size should be equal to 1.5x physical memory.  In addition there is a 1.3GB contiguous memory constraint. 

Some memory limit adjustments can be made in the file. The following settings can be adjusted as needed:

JVM memory limit used for launching out-of-process RAM index creator.

# Factor used to calculate how many passes the indexer will need.
# Higher number is safer, but indexing will take longer.
# Lower number might get you into 'OutOfMemory' error.

# JVM memory limit used for loading indexes in external VMs.
# This limit incldes memory reserved for search algorithm execution,
# which is -->not<-- configurable and is currently set to 200MB.
# You must set max_loaded_index_memory to be greater then 200MB.
# The maximum sub-index size is the difference between
# this parameter and 200M.


Increasing the memory settings will give the indexer more memory to use. Then restart the services to make the changes take effect.

Restarting the server might also release enough contiguous memory and would be required if you make a change to the pagefile size.

With the addition of 64-bit support, there is some tuning that can be performed to help Symantec DLP utilize the new architecture better.

Please see TECH221705 for detailed steps to tune Symantec DLP to fully implement 64-bit.

The following settings changes have been deprecated in DLP 14.

  • max_loaded_index_memory