Internet Explorer running extremely slow after installing the Endpoint Agent


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The customer has just installed the endpoint agent and is noticing that internet explorer loads slowly, opens pages slowly, and is showing high cpu utilization.


The endpoint agent was installed as a user that is not a member of the BUILTIN\ADMINISTRATORS group.


1. Sign in as a user that is a member of the BUILTIN\ADMINISTRATORS group.

2. Run this command from a command prompt to validate your permissions:  whoami /groups | find "Administrators"

3. If that command returns nothing, than you do not have the necessary permissions, any result is considered a positive indicator.

4. Uninstall the agent.

5. Reinstall the agent.

Applies To
iexplore.exe is showing high cpu, sometimes high memory utilization.

In the agent configuration on Enforce, you will see HTTPS monitoring for Internet Explorer enabled.

You will also be unable to delete files from the endpoint agent directory on the agent machine, even though you may be able to create them in the directory.