Enforce install fails with error "Failed to connect to the database."


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


After finishing the installation configurations and starting the install, it fails almost immediately with an error similar to:

Failed to connect to database. Error Message: CreateProcess: sqlplus -L <username>/<password>@'(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=<host name/IP>)(port=<port>))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=<sid name>)))' @"<path to install temp folder>\justExit2134.sql" error=2

Clicking 'OK' exits the installer.


This error is caused by the database pre-check failing. Starting in DLP 8.0 there is a pre-check that attempts to connect and then disconnect to the database before the install kicks off. When this check fails immediately it is usually a result of the Oracle Client tools not being installed, or that install not working as expected. This issue can be remediated by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Oracle Client tools. For more information on Oracle Client tools, please see the Oracle Installation Guide included with the documentation for your version of DLP.