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When installing Oracle on Windows, installer exits after oui.exe error.


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When installing Oracle fresh on a Windows server, you unzip the installation package in the directory of your own creation and drill down through multiple layers of nested directories to arrive at the "setup.exe" program.  Double clicking this, a command prompt window flashes up on the screen, remaining inplace barely long enough for you to see that there was some form of issue with the "oui.exe" program.  Oracle fails to install. No installation log have been created.  Dead stop even before you've started.


Typically, this issue has happened due to the combination of naming and nesting of the zipped directory structure.  After unzipping and navigating through many layers of nested directories with long names, the over all directory path is well over a hundred characters.  The directory path is too long.


At the root level of the disk, create a directory, like "c:\oratemp".

Find the oracle installation zip "" (or "" from the "Install Oracle 11g" folder if you happen to be dealing with 11g), and copy the zip to the root level directory.

Unzip the zip file in the root level directory.

Navigate to the "setup.exe" file and double-click.