Titus DLP integration known limitations issue


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Titus DLP integration known limitations issues


Titus can write tags into metadata of documents and we can read those tags. By writing our own flex-responses, we can use titus API to write tags into metadata of documents.

We integrate in two ways.

1. If you turn on metadata extraction in DLP then we can see the tags which Titus adds to the custom properties of office documents for content identification.

2. Titus have also developed a FlexResponse in their latest version, which calls their API so that our protect functionality can add Titus tags to the customer properties of

Microsoft documents for classifying sensitive content found on files shares by Network Discover

There is a known issue though reflected in our release notes for 11.6:

Issue ID: 2629339
Description: When using Titus to classify documents in combination with Symantec Data Loss Prevention metadata detection, certain tags added by Titus cannot be detected. The data is stored by Titus in the XMPmetadata for PDF files which is not extracted by Symantec Data Loss Prevention. No workaround so far.