iNotes hangs when Endpoint is installed on IE


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With Endpoint Agent plugin enabled on Internet Explorer ( IE ) the iNotes webb application is hanging when a file is being uploaded.
The same does not occur when Firefox is being used.


Technical Background:

iNotes integrates on a very low level with each browser and is not simply a Java app running on them. As a result, each browser version behaves differently and utilizes the different frameworks accordingly. IBM has known latency issues when mini driver related products such as AntiVirus (AV) or Endpoint Agent in the middle. In general they recommend to disable AV for the browser in question if issues like these arise.


You need to increase the following settings.
In the Domino side, the customer will need to change the following for the timeout configuration:

There is also a file size configuration in the Domino web server, but again, it will affect the HTTP protocol and not each browser in specific:

The field is "Maximum size of request content"
Another configuration the customer will need to check the the maximum attachment size for the iNotes users:

Please note:
These configuration settings will affect the HTTP protocol and the inotes and not each browser separately. After the changes they will need to restart the server. Please consult with IBM if these will affect your implementation. These changes are not certified by Symantec.

Alternate solutions:

- Use Firefox instead of IE

- Exclude the temp directories from iNotes to be inspected. In most cases the temp files are under (.../appData/local/temp/low/Domino Web Access)., but this may vary depending on the language and Windos environment