How do I use gather.bat to collect Endpoint Agent information?


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I've been told to use the gather.bat script to collect Endpoint information.  How do I use it?


On the Endpoint machine determine the install directory of the Endpoint Agent.  The script must be run in the same directory as the ks.ead file.

The default directory is:

C:\Programs Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent

Copy the gather.bat into the default directory.

run gather.bat either by clicking on the icon, or from the command line.

The script will create a zip file in the ..\AgentSupportInfo directory.  Send that back to the person that sent you the gather.bat file.  If the script is unable to create a .zip file, the files will all be located in the ..\AgentSupportInfo directory.  Copy those files and send them instead.


gather.bat get_app