How to set the number of Parallel Network Discover scans


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


When running a number of Network Discover scans in parallel you find that only 1 is running and the remaining scans are showing the status of Queued.


The default value for Maximum Parallel Network Discover scans is always 1. Below is the process to change that value:

1. Login to the Enforce UI.

2. Go to System => Servers => Overview

3. Click on your Network Discover server and click on the Configure button

3. Click on the Discover tab where you will find the default value for Maximum Parallel Scans to be 1.

4. Edit the value as per the requirement for the number of parallel scans.

Note: When increasing the number of parallel scans you should notice that this will increase the processing load on your Network Discover server therefore you may need to review your current hardware configuration on the Network Discover server to ensure you have adequate resources allocated.