Schema Creation failing due to Juniper firewall parameter


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Here's the situation:

1) Oracle database installed with dbt, protect user created using oracle_create_user.sql script, no errors in the alert.log

2) multi-tier system, Enforce to be installed on a Windows server.

3) Juniper firewall appropriately configured to allow communication on designated DLP/Oracle ports.

When the installer is run, it gets as far as "Schema creation".  This runs numerous, large SQL scripts that create the objects to be used by DLP.  Part way through the run, the installer stops.  There are no errors either involving Oracle or the install.  The install log simply seems to stop mid-create.  The point where the install script fails may differ between attempts.


Juniper firewalls have a series of parameters called ALGs (Application Layer Gateways).  There are a variety of these covering many different protocols (i.e. RAS, HTTP).  What they provide is something that Juniper could best discuss.  SEE

The purpose of this feature is to block abnormal traffic patterens, in this case as it pertains to SQL.  Suffice it to say, the schema install appears to be abnormal to Juniper.

SQL ALG has been associated with halting traffic between the Oracle DB Server and client servers.

It is a best practice to disable the SQL ALG, and retry the schema install