How to handle Multi-Line WTO?
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How to handle Multi-Line WTO?


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A Multi-Line WTO is composed of a Major line (First line) followed by one minor line at least.

From the SYSLOG, the major line is indicated with a sequence number at the end of the line. All attached minor lines are displayed with the same number on the left column.


How to handle a Multi-Line WTO?


Component: SOPMVS


The major line contains the message-id. If a text is searched from this one, then an Eventview rule or a Resource Status Monitor message can be setup to search for this value without particular setting.

However, if the text is searched among the minor lines, then a specific setup is required depending on the method used as follow:


Eventview Rule

This feature has no capability to address a number of lines in the Multi-Line WTO. Line 1 represents the major line. Line 2 represents the first minor line, etc …

An EV rule should be defined for each line to be searched. The first word of the line represents the message-id. In this case, each line of the MLWTO is considered as a single WTO.

It is not possible to set a filter referencing a value from different lines (i.e.: Line 2 Word 1, Line 3 Word 3, …)


 Resource Status Monitor Message

This feature is appropriate for the Multi-Line WTO. All messages from the Multi-Line WTO are considered as a collection of messages where the searched text can be specified through line and word number and can be used for complex filter expression. Line 1 represents the major line. Line 2 represents the first minor line, etc …

The implementation of a Multi-Line WTO from a Resource Status Monitor Message is as follow:

·       Use an existing resource or Create a new resource

·       Update the resource and select Status Monitor Message Details

·       Press PF10(ScrlLst)

·       Submit ‘I’ line command against the last line to insert a new line. If the new line does not appear press PF08 to go to the next page

·       Set the cursor on the new line and insert $MN-xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxx is the message-id of the MLWTO)

·       Locate the cursor at the beginning of the line and submit ‘S’ line command and select the Define Extended Filter Definitions

·       Up to 5 expressions can be setup with Line Number and Word Number. If there are more than one expressions, a logical AND/OR should be specified to link all of these expressions

·       Press PF08 to Define Event Related Actions   

·       Press successive PF03 to save and quit


It is possible to simulate a MLWTO using a NCL procedure as follow:



&WTO LINETYPE=DE DATA=last minor line of MLWTO


Additional Information

For further description of &WTO, please refer to CA Solve:Operations Automation Network Control Language Reference Guide 11.9.