Unable to open certain incident attachments in IE
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Unable to open certain incident attachments in IE


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When an attempt is made to open attached files within an incident directly an error ' Can't find temporary Internet file location ' occurs and the error number ' 0x800CCF65 ’ .

This does not happen with Office files such as Excel or Powerpoint.
This only happens with Internet Explorer ( IE )


The problem you are looking at it is an issue within your Windows environment and is not related to DLP.
Based on the error message that you are seeing ( ‘0x800CCF65’ ), which essentially states that the temp file can not be downloaded and as a result not accessed.

The reason why the Office documents work is because in newer releases they can access network locations directly and they have also been adapted to the security settings accordingly. The usual causes for the observed behavior that you can not open directly by clicking on the link are in most cases one or more of the following:

-      Global policy settings (GPO) that disallow direct access of linked content through associated programs
-      GPO is in effect to not allow download of temporary files via IE
-      Security patches have been applied that cause to restrict access, such as the ones outlined in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/902225
-      Not properly setup MIME settings to associate file types with the executables
-      Temp files are not setup properly

As workarounds the following can be done:

-      Use Firefox instead of IE
-      Right-click on the file and save it first to the file system before opening it manually

If the issue is related to the temp files not properly setup, you will obsreve that the issue does not occur when being logged into the system as the local Administrator or a user with local administrator privileges. The following steps will set the Internet Explorer temp file references properly

1) Change environment variables either thru Registry or Computer property link for Temp & Tmp variable From %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp to %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

2) Move Folder to C:\Documents and Settings\userid\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Temporary Internet Files.
by selecting folder C:\Documents and Settings\userid\Local Settings \Temporary Internet File