What are Vontu's recommendations for choosing a deployment size?


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Before installing Vontu DLP, choose a deployment size that best suits your organization’s needs and environment.

On the Vontu side, only the basic recommendations are provided in regards to servers, but no recommendations are made regarding specific environments.  This is due to the multitude of factors that play a role in each server environment. Sizing recommendations are outlined in the Installation Guide under the section "Choosing a Vontu DLP Deployment size".

With Discover, you actually want the Discover server to run at a maximum. At what point the individual servers being scanned are impacted and what the performance bottle neck is in each individual configuration is determined by the specs of the individual servers, such as cache, IO speed, etc. All these factors are different for each site, so Vontu cannot make any recommendations. This usually has to be determined in real life tests.

If there is a varying combination of file sizes to scan, Vontu recommends that you configure a system with 2 Discover servers; one server to be used as a slow path, processing medium and large files, say larger than 10MB, and the other server to be used as a fast path, processing files smaller than 10MB. More detailed performance recommendations and scenarios are available from Technical Support.